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About Me

Lakisha Donatto, 

Licensed Clinical Therapist & Trainer

Hi, I'm Lakisha, and I am a passionate mental health care advocate. I currently serve Harris County and the surrounding areas as a clinical trainer and couseling service provider.    

I have over 15 years of experience working in the mental health care field, covering both public and private sectors. Through my company, J&A Counseling Services, I specialize in training groups and individuals in clinical and occupational capacities. I also provide professional and compassionate counseling services to youth and adults. 


My mission is to contribute to the success of those battling mental health challenges and be a vessel of hope, assisting them throughout the journey to stability in all areas of life.  My personal belief is that mental health begins with inner healing, which then controls our outer behaviors.  

I am both grateful and blessed to be able to work in my passion, leveraging my gifts, education and experience to serve you.   

Meet the Owner

My Approach

Inside, then outside

Through J&A Training & Counseling,  I focus on working through the inner constraints, to help my clients manage the outside--external factors, change, conflict, challenge, hurt, anger, chemical dependency, work, school, etc.  I leverage my experience in proven psychological approaches that aim to equip clients with tools to manage their heath, including Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practices. 


My drive to serve even more clients led me expand my services to include clinical training.  After years of serving as a counselor, I found that I had a greater calling to expand my services to support those on the other side of the care spectrum--those in rehabilitation.  I saw a great opportunity to contribute to the professional development of my fellow mental care professionals by providing clinical training services.  


As a clinical trainer, I am humbled to be part of the learning  and development of my peers in professional healthcare fields.  Through J&A Training, I offer clinical training to my peers in various caregiving ecosystems, including: emergency response, clinical, medical, child care, and senior care.

Likewise, I welcome the opportunity to serve you. Please click below, to learn more about  the training and counseling services I can provide. 

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